Is LastSwab Clean?July 20, 2020 · Aaron Burr

Is LastSwab Clean?

Many hygiene products are made to be single use and disposable out of good intentions: to keep ourselves clean. However, there are times where cleanliness turns more into 'out of sight out of mind'. And cleaning our ears, doing makeup, or even blowing our nose, can be times when this is the case.

But since we’ve already talked about the cleanliness of LastTissues, let’s talk about LastSwab!

Before we talk about whether or not LastSwab is clean or not, we should first talk about whether earwax is clean or dirty. And if we are using LastSwab beauty version, maybe we should talk about the cleanliness of makeup as well.

Is Earwax clean?

Is Earwax clean?

Earwax, according to a lot of
recent evidence, is actually antimicrobial by nature. Or specifically, it contains proteins that are meant for bacteria and fungus prevention.

Knowing this, we can feel better about reusing a product that’s had our own earwax on it.

Even though there are antimicrobial proteins in earwax, it is also meant to capture bacteria before they enter the inner ear. So potentially, we could assume there can be some bacteria still on the wax when it leaves our ears. How much is on there, we’ll leave up to the scientists to decide.

Is makeup clean?

Is makeup clean?

Just the fact that makeup has surface area and is not made from something like...pure bleach, it has potential to collect bacteria. The longer a makeup sits, the more potential it has for bacteria to grow.

The more times we apply something then dip back in and apply again, the more we will spread whatever is on our body to the makeup. And vise versa. This isn’t to say makeup is so harmful because of these potential microbes, but it is something that we should be made aware of.

Once we are aware, we should turn to products that can be good for the planet while also being easy to clean. Because let’s face it, if it isn’t easy...we may not clean it as often. 

How clean is LastSwab?

How clean is LastSwab?

Since there is potential for bacteria to be on our earwax, our outer ears, or our makeup, it is best to clean LastSwab after every use.

Luckily, the way LastSwab is designed makes it very easy to be cleaned, and cleaned well. Just put it under hot water and add some soap! The soft rubber tips allow you to clean all of the surfaces between the bumps and elsewhere. Where the beauty version, having no bumps, has less surface area.

The case itself is also very easy to clean. Just soap and water again!

How clean is LastSwab? 1

With a thoughtful design and relatively minimal bacteria going on,
LastSwab is a pretty darn safe product to use.

Reusable versions of hygiene products may put us off at first since they aren’t out of sight and out of mind. Instead we are taking the time to make sure our product is not going to a landfill while also being clean for its next use. 

Some of us may not like having to add a few extra seconds to clean our reusable products as opposed to throwing them away.

But it is better to pay the extra seconds now, then pay for the environmental degradation later on down the line.

LastSwab provides a cleanly, zero waste, and minimalist approach to our daily practices which overflow into countless aspects of our lives.