Earth Day Glow-up Giveaway!April 21, 2020 · Aaron Burr

Earth Day Glow-up Giveaway!

Happy Happy Happy Earth Week!


It’s kind of become cliche to say “while everyday should be considered earth day…” I think this is only cliche because it’s true.That being said, it’s always good to have a day to remind us to get out of our routines and try some new things either for the earth, or in celebration of it.

Looking for a way to celebrate Earth Day? Well do we have something for you. Come participate in our Earth Week Glow-Up GIVEAWAY!




So, what is this crazy thing we are doing? Well, it could be thought of as an empowering transformation of daily practices by doing one's best to focus on the changes that can be made, not the ones that can’t. Or not the ones which are too difficult to do. 

We are partnering with amazing brands that are affecting real change! Together, we aim to help those on their path in making simple switches to their routines for the better of the planet. And this will hopefully make it pretty dang easy for you!


We’re partnering with brands such as:

  • TerraCycle 
  • Brush With Bamboo
  • FinalStraw
  • Elate Cosmetics

And many more!


So here is what’s required to be entered into the giveaway:

  1. Visit the Instagram account @Earth_day_Glowup and follow all the accounts (brands) that this account is following. Found under “following.”
  2. Comment on either our instagram post or any of the companies' and tell us about the earth friendly changes you have made. Do you already use some products on the brand list? Then be sure to tag them!


That’s it for the requirements. But for bonus points:

  1. Post a story about the Glow-up Giveaway and be sure to tag the brands!
  2. Make a post or story about the changes you’ve made or hope to make. Use the tag #showusyourglowup
  3. Tag friends, family, or co-workers in the comments to spread the message!

This Giveaway will provide you with a great list of companies to turn to for your zero waste swaps. It’s a beautiful time to make changes in our lives that are better aligned with our values.

Not only because of Earth week, but because there are so many brands and people who are here to help those along their journey!


green leaves

All of our actions will look different from others. Some of us will change one thing pretty easily while for others it may be difficult. Our paths will always look different, so it’s important to choose things that we can stick with and not get discouraged from the difficulty.

A lot of these brands provide just that.

Whether you decide to participate in the Giveaway or not, we at LastObject wish you a very happy Earth Day, Week, and Month! May it be filled with a lot of time in nature, trying zero waste routines, eating more planet friendly, or getting around in a healthier way as well! The options are endless to better our impact and honor the earth.

May the best earth-weeker win.