We will Begin Manufacturing LastSwab in Denmark and Here's WhyDecember 2, 2020 · Aaron Burr

We will Begin Manufacturing LastSwab in Denmark and Here's Why

🗺Location. Location. Location.🗺

People think of this when opening up a brick and mortar shop. They think of it when deciding on where to live, work, or go to school. But do we think about the location of where our products are made?

Well, we at LastObject do, which is why we will be moving all LastSwab manufacturing to the place where it all started, Denmark!

So, why does location matter anyways?🤔

Well maybe it’s actually less about the place and more about the regulations, processes, and levels of responsibility which are at said place. And don’t forget about things like shipping (and it’s respective emissions) as well as supporting a more local economy.

About shipping

about shipping Shipping the world’s stuff accounts for a little over 3% of total greenhouse gas emissions.💨 With CO2 totals at over 1,000 million tons and projected to grow to around 120% by 2050, this is something we need to start taking care of now. A negative effect of focusing almost all our energy on reducing CO2 is that industries are turning to fuel sources which make their CO2 numbers look great, but are emitting even worse things. An example in the ⛴shipping industry is methane. Methane is a far more potent greenhouse gas than CO2, and is also a byproduct of natural gas...which many ships are beginning to switch to as a fuel source. At the time this article was published, CO2 emissions are the only emissions being limited. Moving the manufacturing of LastSwab to Denmark will allow us to have more of a meet in the middle approach so our products aren’t excessively bouncing all over the world. Yay! Sustainable practices Sustainable practices The countries that are the most competitive in manufacturing affordability typically get that way through shifting the cost onto the planet or on people’s wages, which we and they will simply pay for later. While that is rapidly changing with countries like China starting to really enforce their environmental regulations, and while cutting edge manufacturing can of course be obtained in these countries, it still doesn’t compare to the 🌱sustainable initiatives found in European manufacturing. And in countries like the US or in Europe, manufacturing and industry can be an upwards of a quarter of total greenhouse gas emissions. On the flip side, the developing world dumps around 70% of pollutants directly into the water table.  And possibly the most beneficial aspect to making products in Denmark is LastObject’s ability to be constantly up to date on the ins and outs of the product. Quality assurance is key, not only for the consumer, but for the earth as well. Supporting a more localized economy Supporting a more localized economy In a globalized world and with products going to consumers all around the world, local economy is a very relative term. That being said, our 🌲roots at LastObject are here in Denmark, so it only makes sense to support that economy in which we call home. Just as we are able to keep an eye on the going-ons with manufacturing, we are also better able to see the economy that we choose to support. And with more of an investment and contribution to this location, we are better equipped to have a stronger voice in making it better. Not only for people who call this area home, but for the planet too. 🌎 And, by implementing some manufacturing in countries that may be ahead of others in regards to environmental and worker regulation, it sends a message that there are more important things than a 💵bottom line. And people are beginning to lean towards products which are manufactured well as opposed to affordably.  reusable blue swab For now, it may be easier for a company to maintain the status quo and business usual. It can grow and make a lot of money and maybe even deliver a great product, but at what cost? What are we giving up by focusing on profit rather than people or planet? Do the pros outweigh the cons? We at LastObject will continue to strive for better than we were yesterday. We’ll make the changes necessary to promote a healthier society and planet for us all to live on. We are so excited to begin making LastSwab right here where it all started. We’re excited to strengthen our roots in our community so we can grow taller, reach further, and bring zero waste to everyone who gets value from our products.🌈
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Written by Aaron Burr

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