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LastPad Small

Une serviette hygiénique vraiment géniale, agréable à porter et qui ne nuit pas à la planète. 1 LastPad remplace plus de 240 serviettes hygiéniques à usage unique.
Une serviette hygiénique vraiment géniale, agréable à porter et qui ne nuit pas à la planète.

Comfort Meets Functionality
Quality and Design
Absorbency and Ease of Use
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Why Use LastPad?

Ultimate Protection

The three layers are made with innovative materials that keep you dry, fresh, and comfortable, and protects you from leaks.

Free From Toxins & Harmful Chemicals

Unlike many single-use pads, LastPad is completely non-toxic, free from bleaches and harmful chemicals that can be absorbed through your skin.

Pad+Pouch=True Love

Each pad comes with its own pouch for easy storage, both before and after you use it. The material is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about the used pad leaking or smelling.

Use, Wash, Reuse

Did you know that you can wash your pad with your other clothes, they won’t stain! Just unwrap it before washing it (in cold) and it comes out almost like new.

Watch it in action


Comfortable fit, even on the go. Cleaning it is a breeze. Truly a sustainable switch!


The quality and design make LastPad my top choice. Secure, durable, and environmentally kind.


No absorbency worries with LastPad. Comfortable, reliable, and supports my eco-friendly lifestyle.

Easy to Use & Easy to Clean

Step 1. Bring It

Keep your pad in the pouch for safe storage and take it out when you want to use it. Remove any lint from the silicone strip first.

Step 2. Use It

Attach the pad to your panties and secure the velcro to keep the pad in place. Change it as often as you normally would.

Step 3. Store It

The used pad can be stored in its pouch again. The pouch is leakproof so the pad won’t cause any leaks in your purse or spread any odor.

Step 4. Wash It

Take it out of the pouch and put in the washing machine when you do your laundry. Wash cold, let dry, and put back into the pouch.

Let’s Not Beat Around the Bush

Footprint Facts*

Product Life Cycle Is Validated by a 3rd Party
  • LastTissue is 10 times better for the environment**
  • Reduces carbon footprint (CO2) by 87%
  • Reduces water consumption by 68%
  • Reduces primary energy demand by 80%
  • After 9 uses, you break even with CO2 emissions

*Compared to single-use rounds

**Considering all 22 environmental categories

A Lot Better - For You and Mother Earth

19 billion single-use female hygiene products are thrown out each year. Every single one takes about 500 years to decompose. This makes it the 5th most common plastic waste product in the ocean. That’s bloody horrific!

These single-use pads and hygiene products often contain chlorine and pesticides which are damaging to both your health and marine life. Reusing your pad is better for the planet and better for you.

LastPad Can’t Make Your Period Pain-Free, But It Can Make Nature Pad-Free

Single Use-ing Makes Us See Red

<p>After a long and happy life, your LastPad should be discarded with your household waste. By that time, it will have saved the planet from countless single-use pads. The cardboard packaging can enjoy a new life by recycling it with cardboard.</p>

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