LastTissue Refill

6 mouchoirs supplémentaires, utilisés pour remplir l'étui, lorsque les 6 mouchoirs d'origine sont à laver ou usés.
6 mouchoirs supplémentaires, utilisés pour remplir l'étui, lorsque les 6 mouchoirs d'origine sont à laver ou usés.



I like the idea of reusing tissue but they are rough on the nose.

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René B.


Great product but delivery atrocious 🤮

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I loved this product. The case is very soft and nice looking, I have not tried to wash it yet but it claims to be medical grade, so I am not expecting any issues with it, will update the review if I do find any. So far, so good!

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Deborah R.


So handy to have a tissue pack one can carry in a purse. The tissues work very well and I love knowing I am doing something sustainable.

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I like th so much, I don’t want to use them lol

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Perfect for greenies out there. I've been looking for reusable handkerchiefs that aren't so huge and these are the perfect size.

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Napkins are really nice to touch

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I loooove last objects!❤️

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These seem really well made, and feel great using, only worry is staining.

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For its price I'm happy with it. Though I warn you, if you handwash them, your rehydrated mucus feels very slippery and slimy on these.

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Angela V.


The tissues are wonderfully soft and easy to use, I never thought I would use this kind of tissues, but it's an awesome way to save the planet and also your money. Thank you a lot for having this kind of product!

Lorela C.


Amazing product! Easy to use and to clean! 🥰

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Elixabete A.


Just began using them, soft, good size.

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Gloria T.


Perfect little thing 🤙🏻👏🏻 works well

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Juliette R.


J'en ai acheté un pour ma mère et un pour moi, et nous sommes fan haha! Le paquet fait environ la taille d'un paquet de mouchoirs de poches, est super mignon et le système est très ingénieux <3 Je me réjouis de consommer mieux/moins et je recommande à 100%!

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Gloria T.


Perfect little box of tissues for my handbag and great to be able to store the used ones at the back shut off from the new ones ! Great idea, super useful!

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Elisa T.


The Best Products Ever! I have searched for every possible way to reduce waste in the past few years, and I must say that this company provides the best solutions I have found so far. The design of their tissue pocket box is perfect, with a separator that keeps your used tissue inside the box but separated from the others. It is a much better system compared to normal paper tissues. The box and tissues are easy to clean and the tissues are soft, yet strong and thick. I give it a perfect 10/10 rating!

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This works exactly how described - I really like having hankies and not paper tissues which tend to fall apart as you're blowing your nose. Also, you can wet the hankie and use to wipe your face and neck on a hot day. My only complaint is that the hankies only come in white, and sometimes I smudge some lip gloss on the hankie - it takes a few washes to come out.

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Kathryn H.


I used the tissues once and shoved or in my pocket to find it was dry within a couple hours. Very absurd and I plan on using these more. Just getting used to the idea of not throwing away tissues.



This is a must have for all of us who have allergies. It’s convenient, saves money and better for the environment.

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Amanda W.


I haven't had a chance to use my Last Tissue yet, but I really like the packaging design for the pocket pack. It has a silicone barrier that sits on top of the tissues so that a you use one from the bottom, you can place it back at the top without compromising the clean ones below. Very clever!

Laura Tinter


I was a bit reticent about reusable tissues, but the storage system is sensible, easy to clean, and adorable. While it won’t be a tissue I offer up to others, it’s perfect for everyday and a conversation starter about waste. I now have two; a car and a home pack and have been able to keep up with them easily! I keep an extra stash of tissues to refill when one is emptied and wash them all at once so they don’t get lost. Thank you for helping me teach about sustainability and be a solution.

Candace R.


The tissue 'box' is great. It looks cute, and is super easy to use and to clean. I want one in every room!

Rob K.


I have now found the perfect gift for others! I've tried making my own reusable travel tissues. I use baby wash cloths, cotton/polyester shirt squares, and cotton t shirt squares at home, but they're rather bulky and I couldn't master an efficient DIY container for them to fit in my bag. I decided to outsource that to Last Object. There's generous room in the silicone case that allows for shove-ability of the included tissues, meaning you don't have to fold them. I also have a set of six linen handkerchiefs that fit nicely in the case! However, only four very small t shirt squares will fit. I already carry around a bandana that I use as a cloth napkin, furoshiki, every use imaginable, but once I use that on my face it's out of commission until I can wash it. So I'm excited to have this LastTissue as the newest addition to my minimalist bag. If I had a second case, I would use it for wipes with an essential oil witch hazel spray since I also carry a micro wet bag clipped to my bag. The cons: This is not as soft as a tissue. It's smooth and strong. It feels sort of like a bed sheet? Same texture as my handkerchiefs. Great for dabbing but not frequent wiping, so I personally don't have issues here. Small. Handkerchiefs are larger. I'm more interested in using a different tissue than a different area of the same handkerchief. (see photo for size reference: beneath bandana, left handkerchief, center single use Kleenex, right LastTissue) They wrinkle. My handkerchiefs wrinkle. My bandana wrinkles. Eventually, I will also wrinkle. The tissues seem durable, but I worry about the longevity of the case.

Chiara K.


I have been using Last Tissues for two years and have given boxes to friends. I recently ordered refills, thinking that someday mine will give out— but so far, they continue to be in great condition! Every room in my house has a box!

Cathy B.


I absolutely love this packaging, every time. was so happy to be able to compost my soiled tissues and get some new ones super fast!



Amazing! I would like one in every room! My 9 month old has an affinity to eating tissues, and my toddler tends to leave them lying around so I needed a solution and this is perfect! I would give it 5 stars if it was just slightly more affordable. With a family of 5, and 3 little ones with constant runny noses. It would be upwards of $500 to make the switch to LastTissue exclusively.

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jamie o.


I hesitated for a very long time whether to order it. But I have no regrets. I like the product and it feels good to have done something for the environment. I plan to buy some for all the family members.

Veronique V.


As someone who has suffered from allergies for most of my life, these are a god send! I have been using them for years and my only suggestions would be to make them a bit bigger so that you don’t end up wiping your nose on a rough seam. Great product!

Balazs F.


I have been using these tissues for a couple years now. They are holding up well, and I recently added another pack for my car. Highly recommend.

Susanna C.


Really great sollution for use outside of the house! I wanted to switch to resusable tissues but I didn't know where to leave the dirty ones when I'm not home. This compact tissue holder is a great sollution where you can easily take tissues with you and keep the dirty ones seperate (but still in the same container). The only thing I noticed is that before washing it has a bit of an unpleasant smell. So it might be a good idea to wash them before using. The material of the tissueholder attrachts hairs and dust but can be easily washed off and is even dishwasher safe :) I'm super happy with it! Definitely recommended if you want to take tissues on the road or to school/work etc.




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This was exactly what I was looking for! These tissues are the perfect size and well made. I love the case. It makes it easy to separate the used from the clean tissues. Love this!!!



Love this tissue option! It's the exact same as having a traditional pack of tissues but you simply wash and reuse. The absorbency is decent and I like how there is a silicon barrier to separate used from clean tissues so you can store them all in the same pouch.

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Tamara H.


This reminds me of hankies when I was a child. I really like the container and the number of reusable handkerchiefs. I may embroider each one for interest.



I have constant post nasal drip…I’m always looking for a tissue, and tired of the search! This product is what I have been looking for. Perfect in all ways, including the way to store used tissues til home/washer. I’m posting on my FB page as well to share the news. Found you in Real Simple magazine

Kayleigh R.


I like the case and the barrier. The tissues are soft and nicely to use. Its just a very great idea, because with the Barrier it stays clean! I recommend :)

Renee R.


I loved this concept and bought several for myself and to give as gifts. I worried a bit about transitioning to handkerchiefs with my young kids but it has been easy to work washing and returning to the packet into our routine. I love these and highly recommend.



products are beautiful, stylish and functional; The only flaw of the Lasttissue is the small capacity for the rest is all excellent.